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  • 3 Day Sample

    E12 Sessions

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    Day 1

    P2 Purpose & Praise

    Psalm 16:11 | Genesis 1 (Complimentary Scriptures)

    Today kicks off an explosive experience. If you have a good start, you will have a good finish. This experience is full of fun and content centered around helping students identify and fulfill their God given purpose. Students will walk away motivated to live a live that gives God praise! The only way to honor God your creator is to give him praise. We were created to praise God. According to E12 we should honor God and praise God in the days of our youth.

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    Day 2

    M2 = Muse & Meditate

    Psalm 1 (Complimentary Scriptures)

    There is prank that ends with "made you look". Today's session is about making you think. Students will be captivated by the games and interaction of the teaching. It's all about helping students hide God's word in their hearts. Psalm 1 encourages us to meditate on God's word day and night! Meditating on God's word is honoring God. E12 encourages us to remember God our creator. What better way to remember God than to hide His word in our hearts.

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    Day 3

    E12 Apex

    Ecclesiastes 12 (Complimentary Scriptures)

    If today's teaching was summarized, in one word it would be "journey." This extremely interactive and fun journey will get your students up out of their seats. When you mix God's word with an activity it will become an unforgettable experience. Today we will interactively walk through E12.

  • Go Virtual!

    Digital outreach through VBS is a great way to share the Gospel.

    Re-Imagine VBS!!

    Music Message Mission Media

  • Online Youth Ministry Testimonies

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    Jeremy Goldsmith

    March 29

    My kids remembered: 1C12:26 (1Corinthians 12:16) Empathy meaning, I feel your pain. I did not coach them. They remembered it. Great job bro!

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    March 29

    My Children enjoyed Minister Alphaeus Anderson's virtual message on Empathy this morning. Don't leave your children out, Tune In to childrenschurch.online for weekly messages & activities!

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    Huge shout out to Alphaeus Anderson for always remembering the kids!! My daughters loved every minute of the online experience.

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    Easter Sunday

  • VBSO 2021 experience, hosted by Alphaeus and Alexias is free but registration is required. Check back for the registration link and dates.

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