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    Artist In Residence Summary

    Helping churches of all sizes, with a big heart, empower the next generation

    Thank you for allowing Alphaeus of Gain Maintain to serve Salem Baptist Church by implementing the Momentum Model as an Artist In Residence. For the next 9-12 months there will be an aggressive effort to equip the current youth and children’s ministry leaders. Alphaeus will be involved in advising the team as we build a leading, thriving Childrens Church. Alphaeus will present a manageable maintenance rhythm for the children's ministry leaders to follow.

  • Areas of Focus

    Children's Church

    Introduce a Children's Church "Momentum" framwork that will facilitate Salem's Children's Church being the Chick Fila of Children's ministry in the upstate.

    Team Training

    To be most effective, we request the cooperation and presence of team members in all training sessions and meetings suggested by Alphaeus.

    Children's Church Eco & Alliances

    The Children's Church success and momentum will be felt across the entire ministry. Working with other ministries and departments is paramount.

  • High Level

    How are we going to do it?

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    Monthly Trainings

    Huddles are important and will be the secret sauce to the success.

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    SBCC Sunday

    Alphaeus will come and demostrate by teaching and presenting on ground zero. Alphaeus and team will offer extra set up enhancements as needed.

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    Provide Curriculium

    Our Youth 52 Curriculium is explosive and included in the AIR package. We will train teachers on how to use Y52.

  • Available Months/ Sundays


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    Virtual Retainer


    each visit

    Use over 6 months


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    Live Full Day


    each visit


    Basic Set Up



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    Live Full Day


    each visit


    Basic Set Up



  • What others are saying

    Travis Greene

    Pastor & Artists

    Alphaeus is leading a Stellar Award Winning youth choir. He is challenging the status quo and creating a model for how youth music ministry should look in our churches. You need someone like an Alphaeus to lead your youth ministry.

    Lejuene Thompson

    Lead Singer for Donald Lawrence & Tri-City Singers

    Alphaeus is anointed to do what he does. That's the only way to explain it.

    Bishop Michael Blue

    Alphaeus Anderson has demonstrated a God-given passion and God-honoring strategies for reaching the young, our most precious ones, and developing them into disciples of Jesus Christ. Each time that he has served our ministries and our children, we are better because of the grace on his life. Blessings upon Alphaeus, his family, and his team!

    Lee Mc Derment

    New Spring


    Underneath his brilliant musical and ministry methods are humility, a vibrant faith and peerless character. God has used Alphaeus in a mighty way to affect the lives of thousands of students. I urge you: study his methods; walk in his instruction. You will be glad you did.

    Pastor John Gray


    Alphaeus is unbelievable and he is anointed for what he does with children. He is one of the best children's choir directors I've ever witness.

  • Dr Toney C Parks

    Former President of the

    SC Congress of Christian Ed

    I have had the opportunity to observe Alphaeus as a talented youth and a gifted  ministry leader for over 20 years. The community is fortunate to have such a talented innovative technological asset serving our church families.


    Melanie Clark Pratt

    Host of Midday Praise 100.9 FM, Charlotte, NC

    Efficacy in youth ministry requires a unique combination of authenticity, integrity and the ability to be current without compromise. Alphaeus Anderson has proven to be effective in youth music ministry, not just evidenced by Stellar Award wins or Dove Award nominations, but by sustained interest of young people and the spiritual growth in their lives. I often tell people pursuing careers in music industry that you should never take advice from people who have not attained whatever it is you are trying to achieve, but to look to someone who has marked and sustained success in the area you are trying to grow to. Alphaeus Anderson has set a standard for youth music ministry and is someone I consider a formidable expert in this area.

    Ryan Cole

    Former Executive Director, Cindy Trimm Ministries

    President of Ryan Cole Empowerment

    Alphaeus Anderson is an exceptional leader! He has worked with me in reaching the youth and young adults of my community. It is astounding to see him work with the next generation. His experience, passion, and unique methods are extremely effective in transforming and equipping the youth of our nation! I have experienced it first hand!

    Brandon Holt

    International Worship Leader

    Alphaeus Anderson has been impacting the lives of young people for years! He has a unique ability to speak into their lives and connect through the most basic of languages! Thousands of young people all over the world have been impacted by his gifts and talents. Its a true blessing to see all that has been accomplished and then know that there is SOOO much MORE ahead through Gain & Maintain!

    Phillip Carter

    Stellar Award Winner, Author and Social Media Influencer

    Washington, D.C.

    Bro Alphaeus Anderson and his team has put together materials, training modules and a plan to help our young people develop spiritually and musically. Gain & Maintain is thee resource for those of us who continue to look for new ways to reach our youth especially those who are in our churches. I tip my hat to brother Anderson for his steadfast work and for caring enough to put this together. His integrity and consistency speaks for itself.

  • $397 ea session

    RSVP 4 sessions get two free


    What's Included


    1. Funsheet / Funbook

    2.Standard media set up

    3. Flyers/Graphic Digital

    4. AA & team as facilitator


    Not included:


    3 Incentives per session