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    Hello & Welcome!

    Start, grow and maintain a thriving youth choir with the

    Momentum Youth Choir Model.


    Transform your existing youth choir and breathe new life into your youth choir using Momentum Youth Choir.

    You will learn how to make make every choir rehearsal an event.


    You can use the momentum choir model to double your youth choir or build one from scratch in no time.

    You are sure to see quick results with Momentum Choir.

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    Your growth is our goal.

    The goal is to teach you how to create an atmosphere youth will enjoy and foster a desire to be committed to the youth choir at your ministry. Alphaeus will share how he is able to attract hundreds of students, each year, to a youth choir spanning ages 6-26 using his Momentum Choir Model.



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    Peak Inside Momentum Choir Model


    Folders: Each folders include documents, templates, and blueprints pertinent to the theme of the folder.


    Mission/ Why Folder

    What is a mission statement,

    Why it's important, and how to develop your own.

    Sample mission statement is included.


    Volunteer Team Staff Folder:

    Volunteer form and agreement for registering new volunteer applicants. This form includes:

    Terms of service and code of conduct

    Social Media Policy

    Hold Harmless Agreement

    List of volunteer roles and

    Choir Director





    Social Media/Marketing




    Parking lot pep team

    Section Leader

    IMAG/Audio Visual


    Org Chart :

    Pictorial Org Chart Template -

    Stage plot and placement for choir template

    Choir & Staff Attire Graphic

    Volunteer placement map


    Branding & Marketing Folder:

    What is branding and how do you successfully accomplish it?

    Creating the appropriate atmosphere for your choir

    Naming your choir

    What is a logo? How to develop it with examples and suggestions.

    Using social media to get the word out

    The power of hashtags

    Getting the word out


    SOP Folder:

    SOPs defined

    Why they are important when you have a group of volunteers?

    How to interpret SOPs

    Volunteer training SOP

    Volunteer Pipeline defined.

    What is it, and how does it work?

    Steps to complete the volunteer pipeline.

    How your volunteer orientation and training should be modeled.

    SOP for check-in/out students

    Why is it important?

    Different ways to handle check out.

    Paper/digital input

    Electronically with advanced check-in system

    List of websites that sell check-in software

    Communicating with parents and volunteers

    Why communication is important.

    Ways to efficiently communicate with parents.

    List of sites that focus on communicating with multiple people at a time.

    Conference calls

    What are they? How do they work?

    What should be accomplished during conference call.

    Detailed description and notes on how to use the program.

    Site link for free conference calls and other sites used to communicate with parents.

    Parent welcome letter template included

    Parent follow-up letter template included



    How to get the most out of your rehearsal

    Assuring completion of initial paperwork.

    Setting necessary rules set in place

    Where do section leaders fit in?

    Description of a section leader’s role and expectations during rehearsals.

    Where does IMAG/audio visual fit in?

    Description of IMAG/audio visuals role and expectations during rehearsals.

    Run Throughs

    Why they are so essential, and what they achieve?

    Audio Visual/IMAG SOP

    What they do, and why they are important.

    List of possible duties and expectations.

    40/20 rule

    What is the 40/20 rule?

    How does it work?

    How it will help you be more productive in rehearsal


    Yearly Event/Calendar Template Folder:

    One master calendar template

    Includes examples of the following:



    Fun outings

    Special events

    Worship service obligations

    Parental and volunteer duties

    Financial obligations


    Student Registration Folder:

    Includes a student registration and activity release form

    In case of emergency section included

    List of known allergies section included

    Hold harmless agreement included


    Choir Rehearsal Tips

    Tips to get the most out of your rehearsal.


    Performance suggestions

    5 Tips on selecting music for your Children and Youth Choir

    Age Appropriateness

    Write your own song



    Sing like a story

    Helpful Definitions

    Gospel Music

    Hip Hop? vs Gospel Rap


    Spiritual songs


    Rehearsal Run of Show Folder:

    Includes excel spreadsheet run of show template

    Detailed description of what each person will do at designated time.

    Written description on how to use the run of show which includes detail.


    Helpful Links

    Database of contacts that are relevant to choir

    Examples of the following included:

    Local attractions


    Movie theaters


    Party supply stores

    Uniform site