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  • About Alphaeus

    Alphaeus Anderson is the author of Youth Magnet. He is also the founder of Gain Maintain, a platform dedicated to providing cutting-edge strategies, training modules, and courses to coach leaders, as they work to attract and empower youth.


    He is a graduate of Anderson University with a Bachelor of Arts in Christian Ministries, and a minor in Music. Alphaeus is an inductee of the Anderson University Distinguished Alumni, and is currently a staff member of the University Of South Carolina Upstate, where he instructs the Gospel Choir class.


    Annually, Anderson attracts over 350 students, during the spring and summer, to sing on a choir he started with only one child over 16 years ago. His choir grew to over 125 students in 30 days. The choir later began to attract teenagers across the tri-state area and has since exploded, with seven Stellar Award nominations, one Dove Award nomination. Under Alphaeus' direction, the choir received two Stellar Award wins for “Best Youth Project of the Year” in 2012 and 2019. In 2015 the choir receive a Dove Award nomination.


    Alphaeus has proven techniques and trainings for churches and organizations that want to become youth magnets. He has one of a kind techniques for empowering students, that can be seen throughout social media, on YouTube, and on his website. His ability to connect with youth is second to none. Alphaeus speaks to thousands of students in schools, churches, community centers, and revivals.


    He has been a regular instructor at regional and national conferences like Gospel Heritage International Worship Conference (founded by Dr. Teresa Hairston), Vashawn Mitchell, President, Schools of Methods, association meetings, and convocations.


    In 2018, Alphaeus partnered with Dr. Dorinda Clark-Cole to form the first Pure-N-Heart/SMAC South regional youth mass choir.


    His music is performed in ministries across the nation and has been featured at the National GMWA Youth and Young Adult Division Conference, the National Baptist Convention, and on Internet and terrestrial radio.


    Alphaeus is one of many recipients of the 2016 President Barack Obama Volunteer Service Award, presented by Ambassador Lenora Peterson.


    When not on the road training, speaking and presenting, he can be found teaching at eat-center.com and occasionally serving at The Equipping Center Church, Greenville, SC, Pastor Hasker Hudgens

  • Sample Momentum Model Workshop Trainings

    Momentum Children's Church, Youth Choir, Sunday School and VBS

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    Momentum Model

    Target Audience: Pastor, Adults, Teachers, Parents and Volunteers

    Transform your your th department with the Momentum Model

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    Momentum Youth Choir Training

    Target Audience: Adult Youth Choir Directors

    Youth Music and Training meets the Momentum Model Choir

    Transform your teen & children's youth choir. We will train your team how to make every rehearsal an event. The result of a thriving youth choir is, students will skip other practices to make it to the youth choir events.

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    Sample Messages from Alphaeus

    1. Dream Big
    2. Rated PG = Purpose & Goals Genesis
    3. E12 (Remember God in your youth) Ecclesiastes 12
    4. Bad Break Up
    5. ICU In Christ You 2 Corinthians 5:17
    6. RISE = Rise against bullying (Response, Identity, Self Control, Empathy)
    7. Vision Vibes
    8. Worship aka Fresh Air aka Positive Vibes Only Psalm 16:11
    9. Choices Genesis
    10. Don't flirt with nouns
    11. I'm here because someone cried Judges 3:9
    12. Live up to the name Isaiah 9:6
    13. Safe Proverbs 18:10
    14. Good and bad of social media
    15. Love your neighbor (k4k5)
    16. #NOT Psalm 1


    These messages are interactive, innovative and life changing. Please submit youth theme for your event or choose one of these powerful presentations.

    Life changing messages and presentations.

    Great for youth zooms and online youth events.

  • More trainings for youth leaders

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    40/20 Training


    Audience: Adults (Teachers, Choir Directors)

    40/20 Rule

    It is important to implement 40/20 at the beginning of every choir rehearsal. The purpose of the 40/20 time is to

    1. Build relationships
    2. Keep morale high
    3. Build momentum
    4. Deconstruct any negativity
    5. Introduce a Bible lesson, inspirational moment, or devo aka devotional


    Simply put 40/20 is just a break down of an average 60 minute class. It's proven, using the first 20 minutes to build momentum will make the next 40 minutes even more productive. If your class time is less than 60 minutes, you can adjust the rule to fit your situation.

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    Youth Ministry Safety Training

    Audience: Adults (Teachers, Parents, Volunteers)

    1. SOPs, Policies & Procedures
    2. Volunteers
    3. Environment
    4. Check-in/Check-out
    5. Social Media
    6. More!

    It is important that the the next generation is empowered and able to worship in a safe integral atmosphere.

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    How to reach, teach, and empower the next generation online.

  • Stop Bullying Save A Life

    Anti Bullying School Presentation

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    Consultations & Strategy Sessions

    Need help getting it off the ground?

    1. Youth Event
    2. VBS
    3. Conferences
    4. Youth Explosions
    5. Community Outreach

    We are here to help you turn your ideas into reality. Let's plan prepare and perform.

  • What others are saying

    Travis Greene

    Alphaeus is leading a Stellar Award Winning youth choir. He is challenging the status quo and creating a model for how youth music ministry should look in our churches.

    Lejuene Thompson

    Lead Singer for Donald Lawrence & Tri-City Singers

    Alphaeus is anointed to do what he does.That's the only way to explain it.

    Bishop Michael Blue





    Alphaeus Anderson has demonstrated a God-given passion and God-honoring strategies for reaching the young, our most precious ones, and developing them into disciples of Jesus Christ. Each time that he has served our ministry and our children, we are better because of the grace on his life. Blessings upon Alphaeus, his family, and his team!

  • Melanie Clark Pratt

    Host of Midday Praise 100.9 FM, Charlotte, NC

    Efficacy in youth ministry requires a unique combination of authenticity, integrity and the ability to be current without compromise. Alphaeus Anderson has proven to be effective in youth music ministry, not just evidenced by Stellar Award wins or Dove Award nominations, but by sustained interest of young people and the spiritual growth in their lives. I often tell people pursuing careers in music industry that you should never take advice from people who have not attained whatever it is you are trying to achieve, but to look to someone who has marked and sustained success in the area you are trying to grow to. Alphaeus Anderson has set a standard for youth music ministry and is someone I consider a formidable expert in this area.

    Ryan Cole

    Executive Director, Cindy Trimm Ministries, Atlanta, GA

    Alphaeus Anderson is an exceptional leader! He has worked with me in reaching the youth and young adults of my community. It is astounding to see him work with the next generation. His experience, passion, and unique methods are extremely effective in transforming and equipping the youth of our nation! I have experienced it first hand!

    Brandon Holt

    International Worship Leader

    Alphaeus Anderson has been impacting the lives of young people for years! He has a unique ability to speak into their lives and connect through the most basic of languages! Thousands of young people all over the world have been impacted by his gifts and talents. Its a true blessing to see all that has been accomplished and then know that there is SOOO much MORE ahead through Gain & Maintain!

    Phillip Carter

    Stellar Award Winner, Washington, D.C.

    Bro Alphaeus Anderson and his team has put together materials, training modules and a plan to help our young people develop spiritually and musically. Gain & Maintain is thee resource for those of us who continue to look for new ways to reach our youth especially those who are in our churches. I tip my hat to brother Anderson for his steadfast work and for caring enough to put this together. His integrity and consistency speaks for itself.

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