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    Helping small churches, with a big heart, empower the next generation

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  • Operation BREATHE

    BREATHE = to move air into and out of your lungs: to inhale and exhale.
    Op BREATHE is about breathing God's presence and Word into a generation. When they inhale and exhale at HYPE, they will BREATHE in fresh air. Every effort by the team will lead to an encounter with God's presence through the Word of God. Op BREATHE promotes an atmosphere full of energy!

    What is Operation BREATHE?

    OP B is an acronym that serves as a funnel. HYPE relaunch will go through this funnel before HYPE re

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    Identity and who we are

    What is our secret sauce




    Assets | Assessments | Alliances

    Follow up

    Strategic alliances internally and externally

    What are our assets

    What are our resources



    Organizational Capabilities

    Human Resources




    Reimagine /Relaunch

    Reveal a new culture

    Confident with every effort

    Renovating the status quo

    Fresh ideas


    Prepared for the assignment

    Culture of communication

    PPPP mindset



    Excitement / Energy

    Maintain throughout everything we do

    Hope | Help | Honor

    What we offer

    Onboarding volunteers

    A part of our culture


    Execution | Excellence

    From SOPS, handbooks to communication

    Good steward over every goal

    ROS for everything

    A clear message that HYPE is exceptional

    Engineer mindest

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